odds and sods

While I did sketch this 'plein air' I didn't stay long enough to splash on some colour. Learned some surprising perspective lessons this day though so this wonderful old church has value to me.
This is my sweet son. From a photo. The strange thing with this one is that in the photo he is a teen (a stage where his wonderful, generous spirit was bent full force on making me realize the limitless powers of a mother's patience) and I've transformed him into his sweet easygoing 10 yr old self. Now 29 he is both neither of these boys and more of each one.

Another oldie never posted. This was done after enjoying Karen Winters portraits with a splash of colour on the page. My DD with her nephew, our adorable grandson. The small in the corner is an overdone drawing of this same DD working hard husking corn on the back step in her soggy cloth diaper.

Incomplete. Loved learning from this but copying a painting in watercolor mag. is probably not worth finishing.

I have not done A THING in FOREVER! Why is that I wonder that business rolls into laziness and before I know it...it's been 4 FREakin' months w/o a look at this spot that I always INtend to post weekly at least. I've FELT like drawing ....OK clearly, not enough so I'll just put up the randomness that I have at some point prepped by resizing for our smaller bandwidth buddies.


sketching from photos

Think I'll try to sketch most nights at work. Lots of sketching before a painting attempt.


Accordian Sketchbook with lightweight paints

My little 6.5x7" sketchbook opens to about 7' long and proved to be the perfect size for my glorious hiking trek along the extreme northern tip of Vancouver Island.

Using 90lb watercolour paper I simply cut single fold pages and using 1"x7" spines (folded lenthwise) attached one to the other forming my accordian. I chose to position my paper so the the join was in the inner crease of each double page. This resulted in some pooling of paint (see cabin sketch) but I am fine with this and was pleased with having good flow from one day (double fold) to the next.

Because I had my paper glued into a hardcover book I could easily sketch and paint with a firm surface yet had the option of opening up the odd time I was connecting pictures with the next page.


North Coast Trail

I'm so thrilled to have had the opportunity to hike this trail before it becomes as busy as the West Coast Trail!
The cabins hosted president Teddy Roosevelt back in the day!

NCT hike

Just back from hiking the North Coast Trail. Brand new trail this year across the top of Vancouver Island. What a beauty of a trail it is! Enough hauling oneself up hills (ropes are provided), lowering oneself down the other side (thanks be that ropes are provided) and rolling along rocky shores to be challenging. Enough heavenly scents, awe-inspiring sounds (whales and loons being my favourites) to be mystical. Enough good company to be wonderfully relaxing and entertaining. Our dear 'Coastal Cinder' once again planned and coaxed us through an unforgettable experience.

As for the sketching, folks allowed me my space so that I would not feel intimidated and were very kind with their comments when they did wander over to look.

Included in the photos are 1. the cover of the childrens book that I removed the innards to replace with an accordian of w/c paper . Forgive me whoever you are that showed the method I followed to create accordian pages that don't take lg sheets of paper. The little book is 6.5"x7" and proved to be the perfect size to manage on the trail.

2. Title page. The trail name will end up here.

3. pg 1-2-3 our first campsite at Laura Creek. July 2'08

4. pg 4-5 Irony Creek camp at Shuttleworth Bight July 3

5. pg 6-7 a fern to represent the beautifully lush woods we spent most of this day hiking through

6. pg 8-9 the beach at Nahwitti Camp looking toward Skinner Creek.

7. pg 6 through 9

8. the cabins at Nahwitti Creek.


Hurrah for May

And actually completing and posting 31 quick sketches IN MAY. Unheard of for me. Nice to know that I can successfully participate in such an event. Nice to know that I CAN find the time for a sketch, even if it means a partial cheat of playing catch up on nights when life has gotten in the way, or I'm just bone weary.
Now a quick post to finish off the month and off we go boating overnight. Yippee!
Yes, of course I'll have my sketch pad along.


Tomorrow one more 3 date spread

So much posting, so few words but then let's face it, we're all busy sketching and posting so you don't have time to read my ramblings anyway. Thanks for peeking at pictures.

Catching up on my EDinMay posting

The others I'll load in reverse order.


Catching up on EDinMay

The 3rd and the 4th were both done on the 4th as Saturday was completely taken up with playing photographer at a workmates DD's wedding. 'Lucky is the bride the sun shines on' could not BE more true. The days leading up to this wedding were WET and COLD then ...whella... beautiful, warm, windless wedding day.
OK. I have no idea why I cannot get the perspective right on any camera I ever attempt. Totally bazarre. As for our sweet granddgtr, She looks sick doesn't she? In part, because she is. Hence the heavy evelids. She was moving all over the place, changing her expressions but the sketch WAS done on the 5th of our dear 5 year old so there you have it.
I'll have to retake Fridays scratches and post them with todays (whatever they may be). Another day full of a granddaughter (who will not nap today) and people popping in and out.


Every Day in May

One down..30 to go.
The book I've chosen for the Every Day in May fun is a LARGE folding book of poor quality paper my DD picked up in Japan for me. It's actually taking the colour better than I thought and it is great for collage and I love the size and the accordian thing it's got going on. Joy was certain that I would never use it just add it to my collection but I think it's going to be perfect and hopefully it'll be chock-a-block full come May 31'08.

Totally unrelated subjects. Will this theme continue? AHhh, a mystery for May.


month 4, posting 4

Alright! That's the LAST time that I'm going to have my posts match evenly with the month we're in. For my version of 'Every Day in May' I'm going to CREATE each day and POST 2x per week.
"Sure you will Susan ,you under ambitious under achiever you..."
You people think that I can't hear you? Well, now you know

Anyway lets post a sketch or two here to celebrate the monthly post.
'Namaste' was done in response to Anita's postcard swap. Such fun. The coloured one is, of course the actual postcard while the other was my first attempt and though a better sketch was just a wee bit too big. Too exciting to have contact with such an amazingly talented and accomplished artist as Anita. http://artbyanita.blogspot.com
The Raven carving was a wonderfully relaxing family get-away to celebrate our dear daddy's 80th b'day.
The paintbrushes I'm putting up here now so that I won't be tempted to cheat and tell you all that I drew them 'one day in May'. LOL


Month 3, posting 3

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Throw an extra day into February and STILL I miss it! Old drawings, February drawings but haven't scanned anything more recent. Still have to clear some stuff off my laptop before I can add the printer/scanner to it and avoid completely the achingly slow setup DH deals with on the 'main' computer.

The wonky portrait sketch is from a photo in the dead of night. The reason/excuse I'm offering for those too close wonked eyes is that I was attempting from right to left with no spatial planning. Fun but none to effective.

The blue teapot (a favourite) was a most effective lesson as I kept on adding layers (glazes I suppose) thinking that I was going to end up with an overworked, muddy mess when WHELLA .. lo and behold I quite like the richness that resulted. Who knew? I never would have had the courage to try that on something important/expensive paper.

So, that's that. The weather is sunny-ing up here, I'm walking more so the energy levels are getting up there and I'm starting to see life beyond work. I still pop in at EDM and some crafting sites to be inspired. Lord, I LOVE the blogging world.


Overnight getaway

How nice to getaway (even though it was actually a return-the- snowshoes that hubby wouldn't consider using) Two little sketches on the road and the leaning tower of wine while at the Keg for our sup.


January 2008


Yes, I'm aware that it's been 2008 for a month already. Yes, I aM slow on the uptake. Yes, being late to post DID stop me from promoting self-deluding statements. Yes, I have done a few sketches this year. Nothing timeconsuming and only 1/2 the amount of sketching days as I'd assumed I'd manage yet...had some fun....putting stuff on my blog. Joining in. STEPPIN' IN...again.
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