the Garden Gate

Don't you just love garden gates & arbours & anything secret garden related? This dates back to my childhood, this love of snuggeries. I let my kids make beds in their closets when they were really little because I would have LOvED to have been allowed this cozy alternative. OK I'm now thinking those two are actually completely different topics in any mind but mine. Oh well, gates, garden corners and arbours are going to be my theme for the summer I think. I know that while walking (1.5hrs) the other day I saw a sweet gate that I'd like to sketch next. I was walking with my best bud so could not stop at that time but I'll do it on another day, on another walk.


fire hydrant, of sorts

This past w/e I bolted out the door from work, hopped into our loaded van and raced off to Quadra for a camping adventure with my DH, DB & DS-I-L. As we travelled the heavy rain clouds thinned and glory be..into the brilliant sunshine we morphed!

After snacking on the BEST fish & chips (available on the dock AND served in the paper cone still) it was onto the ferry for the 10 min crossing and what should we happen to be parked beside but this version of a fire hydrant.

Upon arriving at our campsite we quickly set up, set out our chairs and celebrated our good fortune with a beer while enjoying this amazing and constantly interesting view. Of course this is a highly edited version, it would have taken me the whole w/e to try to depict every single vessel in this busy marina.

Lots of goings on. Oh, by the way, this is going to be my walk for this week as well as we did walk and kayak more than a mile each day.


last weeks main walk

I was hoping that the walk to the tip of the spit would be a more signifigant one that 20/25 minutes each way but it was a wonderful day as I sat out in the sun with just the sound of the birds and seals breathing for the most part. Nothing startling produced here but a lovely day and each outing is a learning experience to be sure.
Meant to post these two with my last posting but was due to show my face at the workplace so off I harried.

Had a lovely w/e camping with my adorable sib and his charming wife where we kayaked, observed life around the dock, I sketched and we all relaxed and had an absolute blast together. This morning when I got home from work I noticed the power was out. Turned out to be a blown braker. 9hrs and $300-400 later I'm back online. Ahh the joys of being a homeowner!

Tomorrow I'll scan and maybe post w/c efforts from my heavenly w/e. Now back to try to catch up on the wonderful contributers at Everyday Matters.


No challenges yet lots of walking

We've so many lovely walking/biking routes in my area. Each and every time I take the time to enjoy the area I am absolutely dumbstruck with the delight of our good fortune.

The first sketch is the glorious Filberg house on the park land donated to the city by the family. Now I've nowhere near done it justice but I'm sure you all can understand THAT. The care taker did park in front before I was done my sketch (he did kindly offer to move his truck when he noticed me but I thought I had enough information down to manage, my mistake) and I did the w/c at home but excuses aside I will just need to tackle it again so no harm no foul. Right?