last weeks main walk

I was hoping that the walk to the tip of the spit would be a more signifigant one that 20/25 minutes each way but it was a wonderful day as I sat out in the sun with just the sound of the birds and seals breathing for the most part. Nothing startling produced here but a lovely day and each outing is a learning experience to be sure.
Meant to post these two with my last posting but was due to show my face at the workplace so off I harried.

Had a lovely w/e camping with my adorable sib and his charming wife where we kayaked, observed life around the dock, I sketched and we all relaxed and had an absolute blast together. This morning when I got home from work I noticed the power was out. Turned out to be a blown braker. 9hrs and $300-400 later I'm back online. Ahh the joys of being a homeowner!

Tomorrow I'll scan and maybe post w/c efforts from my heavenly w/e. Now back to try to catch up on the wonderful contributers at Everyday Matters.


Alison said...

I love the clouds in the top one - and are they snow clad hills? Looks a lovely place for a sail, anyway.

Lin said...


Sue said...

Yes, those are snow capped mts in the bkgrnd, very good spotting on Alison's part I must say. The sailboat actually had a lovely rich blue stripe on it that I meant to add at home but forgot. It really is the most relaxing of times, sketching plein air, is it not?

Penny said...

gorgeous memories are stored here, love the way you have done them
Penny in South Australia

Julie Oakley said...

How lovely to see mountains, snow and sea and hear seals breathing. you've evoked it beautifully