No challenges yet lots of walking

We've so many lovely walking/biking routes in my area. Each and every time I take the time to enjoy the area I am absolutely dumbstruck with the delight of our good fortune.

The first sketch is the glorious Filberg house on the park land donated to the city by the family. Now I've nowhere near done it justice but I'm sure you all can understand THAT. The care taker did park in front before I was done my sketch (he did kindly offer to move his truck when he noticed me but I thought I had enough information down to manage, my mistake) and I did the w/c at home but excuses aside I will just need to tackle it again so no harm no foul. Right?


Teri C said...

It looks beautiful! I think you did a marvelous job on this painting! Love the soft colors.

Julie Oakley said...

This is a gorgeous pallette of colours

Alison said...

Yes, lovely colours and it looks a very inviting house