EDiM 4th and 5th

These seemed better by the softer light of last evening. Yes, even though I could see the distortions (the too small ear on the attentive one, the imbalances of the grinner with the matted hair) they WERE better by candlelight, trust me. LOL. I need to try them both again but that's ok, they're both fun sketches. Persevere.

Oh yeah. How DO I get a rich lively black again?


Two Years...REALLY?

Time does fly, it's true.

Have been experiencing the odd sketch attack and will get around to posting those bits and bobs eventually. This month however is May and May means EDiM for EDMers. I signed up for EDiM before I realized that I really want to base a collection of sketches on the great photos that my DD and I took in India. So here goes.

EveryDayInMay with an Indian theme.

May 1 My DD took this one and I love it. When I look at this sketch at home that green area is so much more subtle but my scanner isn't working so, 'it is what it is'.

May 2 Again my DD's photo. A little flower selling sweetheart that she and her friends befriended.

May 3 OK DD took this one as well LOL. I will be drawing this youngster again. I have not done his sweet look of concentration justice but I love the drips (As seen in Nina and others work).