sketching from photos

Think I'll try to sketch most nights at work. Lots of sketching before a painting attempt.


Accordian Sketchbook with lightweight paints

My little 6.5x7" sketchbook opens to about 7' long and proved to be the perfect size for my glorious hiking trek along the extreme northern tip of Vancouver Island.

Using 90lb watercolour paper I simply cut single fold pages and using 1"x7" spines (folded lenthwise) attached one to the other forming my accordian. I chose to position my paper so the the join was in the inner crease of each double page. This resulted in some pooling of paint (see cabin sketch) but I am fine with this and was pleased with having good flow from one day (double fold) to the next.

Because I had my paper glued into a hardcover book I could easily sketch and paint with a firm surface yet had the option of opening up the odd time I was connecting pictures with the next page.


North Coast Trail

I'm so thrilled to have had the opportunity to hike this trail before it becomes as busy as the West Coast Trail!
The cabins hosted president Teddy Roosevelt back in the day!

NCT hike

Just back from hiking the North Coast Trail. Brand new trail this year across the top of Vancouver Island. What a beauty of a trail it is! Enough hauling oneself up hills (ropes are provided), lowering oneself down the other side (thanks be that ropes are provided) and rolling along rocky shores to be challenging. Enough heavenly scents, awe-inspiring sounds (whales and loons being my favourites) to be mystical. Enough good company to be wonderfully relaxing and entertaining. Our dear 'Coastal Cinder' once again planned and coaxed us through an unforgettable experience.

As for the sketching, folks allowed me my space so that I would not feel intimidated and were very kind with their comments when they did wander over to look.

Included in the photos are 1. the cover of the childrens book that I removed the innards to replace with an accordian of w/c paper . Forgive me whoever you are that showed the method I followed to create accordian pages that don't take lg sheets of paper. The little book is 6.5"x7" and proved to be the perfect size to manage on the trail.

2. Title page. The trail name will end up here.

3. pg 1-2-3 our first campsite at Laura Creek. July 2'08

4. pg 4-5 Irony Creek camp at Shuttleworth Bight July 3

5. pg 6-7 a fern to represent the beautifully lush woods we spent most of this day hiking through

6. pg 8-9 the beach at Nahwitti Camp looking toward Skinner Creek.

7. pg 6 through 9

8. the cabins at Nahwitti Creek.