EDM challange #50

Sat at my front door today and sketched this panaramic view of our living rm, a sliver of the dining rm and the closed door leading to the utility rm (enough is enough after all).

Mini holiday

Since retired DH would love to be on a relaxing-in-the-tropical-sun type holiday yet married to,I-need-all-my-holidays-to-prepare-for-DD's-wedding, me, we've just returned from our first-of-many 2night getaway w/e's. Yikes, that was a little difficult to follow, wasn't it? Sorry about that. Anyway, while we were relaxing I did a quick sketch with w/c wash of a tiny sliver of our view across the bay. Luckily for me it was pouring rain so I can blame my inacuracies on the droplets I had to peer through rather than my lack of talent and quite frankly that works for me. ;-)


Now to more current concerns

Well the weather outside is frightful..no, I'm not still thinking it's Christmas but we're enjoying marvelous Winnie-the-Pooh blustery days and nights this week.
In the summer these shutters frame my bit-of-Tuscany back deck. This time of year they make a terrific clothesline to freshen my clothes and pillows. I LOVE that freshly aired scent.

Back in time to Christmas

It's clear I haven't posted in a long while so let's just start with a few of the Advent gifts our amazing DD's dreamt up. Their very creative and thoughtful and YIKES expensive gift to their dad &me(OK, mostly me - can I help it that I'm easier to shop for?) this year.


wrong pic. Actually the tree trunks behind lovely DD look more like antelope horns, don't they. Trust me, there is a photo that does show my evilness.

Now what?

Two wks in, I finally decide I have the time to post some sketches and I can't get Blogger to recognize me on the computer that houses my scans. Now it'll have to wait until I get around to moving the info to my laptop (my current location...well, oK, my current favorite & constant location as I visit all your delightful sketch blogs from the beloved laptop).
So..determined to accomplich the goal set out for the day, she instead puts out to the world a photo of herself with her DD's looking like her devil horns are showing. LOL. Later for artplay, OK? Sue


Steppin in

Steppin in
A fresh new year. Exciting, yet already I am falling behind in my as yet undeclaired goal of a sketch a day in 2006. Art blog cruising is terrifically inspiring but totally absorbing. Dang.