Quick cloud study

Yesterday was a lovely long wander with just a quick little cloud attempt. While perhaps not the best choice for such a small format (4x6") the conte in my brand new CRETACOLOR ERGONOMIC 430 15 Austria was screaming to be used. What a lovely gift to myself this was. Don't you just love the water soluable ease of it?

I have too been walking

not posting, not sketching much of the time but I have been getting out there so I hope Julie, that you will not regret linking me to "http://onemilefromhome.blogspot.com" too much.
This was after the walk as I was with hubby and didn't think loitering would be tolerated in the drizzle.

Me & Molasses

'As slow as..' is of course, the reference here. It's no bloody wonder I rarely post it is such a arduous proceedure for me no matter how easy the site moderators/creators make the damn things.
OK Susan, deep breath.
I'll start with the angry looking self-portraits and admit that the conte version is accurate in it's sullen look. After 29 years of marriage you'd think a guy would know "I'd like to spend my last hr before eye surgury in the book stores" means exactly that! Drag me away from the books and knitting patterns to sit outside the golf store, why dear God?


River walk

Perhaps creek would better describe this sweet little spot, but river walk has more of a ring to it, don't you think?

This sketch was 20-30mins sitting in the dappled shade with the w/c done at home. I like the coloured version though I'm sure the viaduct should have darker values. I have the sketch in my computer so I can play with the colouring. I will have to wait until I walk this spot again as I simply cannot remember at the time I was really focusing on the very large maple in the top 1/3rd of the page. Nice to be able to rework thanks to ideas from the ever helpful Karen Winters and others over at EDM

By the way, for anyone who can actually read my note on the side. I know the scarey something is not a horsefly, it didn't even look like a fly, it WAS however freakish and frightening with that hypodermic needle sticking out. Overly dramatic? why in the world would you infer such a thing? ^g^

Here comes the amazing painting stool, the size of a pencil case when folded yet comfortable enough to use. Too much fun to have found such a cool little art tool for such a tiny little price. OK enough already.
The little backpack which I found at the same time is just the right size to hold everything shown with it as well, of course, as a few drawing impliments.


EDM challenge #41

This is the old catholic church in our town now known as the Old Church Theatre as it's thankfully found new life with a reporatorie company.
The ivy has taken over in the most charming fashion and I've always meant to draw it and now I have at least managed this quick sketch.

I was hoping to convey the evening sun highlighting the roof line but surprisingly I'm not finding this experience to be too discouraging (well, except while I'm applying the w/c). It's fun, I'm learning by watching my EDM mentors and by DOING!

I've just noticed how crookedly I've scanned this. C'est la vie.

Blogger seems slow today, or maybe it's just me. At any rate I'd like to put up my first link to Julie's walk&draw blog http://onemilefromhome.blogspot.com/ week 2 is on the home computer so I'll try posting that later.

I'm so enjoying tracking Julie's walks and Julie, I want to let you know that you are an incentive to getting out there both in excercising and plein air art fun. So thank you for that.

This sketch , it's fairly clear, was done May1st during a lovely woodland walk and while sitting on the amazingly small folding stool I'd just found at the thrift store for the perfect price of $2.50. I have a photo showing the amazing small stool but it also unavailable right now. There were plenty of both the pink and the wht trillium but only the pink were by a patch of sunlight and a girl does like to be warm while playing.


For challenge #59 'sign of spring' and a perfect display of how desperately I need to read the library books I'm taking out on w/c painting, ...

and for challenge #56 self portrait I offer this highly entertaining version of ? I'm quite certain it looks like someone but that someone certainally is not me. I think I'll try a few more, monthly perhaps of this readily available subject. It does make me giggle so I don't hate it, after all.

It's been so long since I've visited my own blog and have done very little in the sketching dept. during my long hiatus. Life has such a tendency to get in the way doesn't it? Not that that's a good enough excuse with all the productive folks at EDM but it's my excuse and I'm giving it. ^g^ Right now, of course I ought to be sewing or cleaning my poor neglected house, oh, yes, there's always the garden waiting in the wings..oh my.

So starting with the most recent challenge completed and working my way forward, I have a few VERY quick noses on a piece of paper towel for #65.