EDM # 51, 52

Whew, took forever to scan this time. With me it's always something it seems. At any rate. The dog sketch is from a few months back when we were last b'sitting my DB's Tessie, or Stinky dog as our DGD refers to her. Yes, she truly was that fat at the time, she's slimming down now that the vet has begun treating her hypothyroidism.
The TV sketch I will add a touch of colour to but wanted to get it up as it was drawn on time and who knows how much longer before I add colour?
The colour version of the view from our entry I'm posting as I feel it adds clarity. Thanks to all who responded with such kindness. You amaze me and I am so grateful.

Learning w/c washes step 1

This is a sketch done from one of my fav photos. The sketch just done the other evening while watching a movie with DH. The photo of my dad cherishing, and being adored by, our DD was snapped abt 23 yrs ago. Of course, it doesn't do them justice but it is just for learning purposes though still I hesitate. Maybe I'll read just a bit more about light washes. Oh my, yes, this is my style, more dither than drive! LOL