EDM # 51, 52

Whew, took forever to scan this time. With me it's always something it seems. At any rate. The dog sketch is from a few months back when we were last b'sitting my DB's Tessie, or Stinky dog as our DGD refers to her. Yes, she truly was that fat at the time, she's slimming down now that the vet has begun treating her hypothyroidism.
The TV sketch I will add a touch of colour to but wanted to get it up as it was drawn on time and who knows how much longer before I add colour?
The colour version of the view from our entry I'm posting as I feel it adds clarity. Thanks to all who responded with such kindness. You amaze me and I am so grateful.


Marilyn said...

Your home looks like a place I'd like to live. It's just my style. You did a great job on all the challenges - the entry, the t.v. and the dog.

Sali said...

I love this drawing of the dog. Especially the line work. What kind of pen/brush did you use? This seems to really capture a chunky pup's pose. Great work!

Karen Winters said...

Sue, I like all of them but especially Stinky Dog ... I agree with Z about the nice linework and I think the addition of color adds to the feeling of volume.

Kathleen Marie said...

I love those green chairs. You did a wonderful job on those. All the challenges are looking great Sue!

Marie-Dom said...

Beautiful sketches.

bdelpesco said...

I LOVE the little painting of Tessie-Stinky Dog. It made me laugh out loud!

Teri C said...

Sue, I don't know how I missed these wonderful sketches but they are wonderful. Oh I especially love your dog-it's perfect!

Ujwala said...

I love lots of drawings and washes on your blog - wonderful work.

Instead of scanning you could take digital photos of your work and upload those instead. that's what i do now. much easier to take and you dont need to worry about it fitting etc., almost instantaneous the process of transferring. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to take the photograph with lots of indirect light - somewhere outdoors away from direct sunlight. having said that, I quite often take pictures in the evening when I finish and adjust it before uploading. :D

sorry for rambling on an on.