Month 3, posting 3

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Throw an extra day into February and STILL I miss it! Old drawings, February drawings but haven't scanned anything more recent. Still have to clear some stuff off my laptop before I can add the printer/scanner to it and avoid completely the achingly slow setup DH deals with on the 'main' computer.

The wonky portrait sketch is from a photo in the dead of night. The reason/excuse I'm offering for those too close wonked eyes is that I was attempting from right to left with no spatial planning. Fun but none to effective.

The blue teapot (a favourite) was a most effective lesson as I kept on adding layers (glazes I suppose) thinking that I was going to end up with an overworked, muddy mess when WHELLA .. lo and behold I quite like the richness that resulted. Who knew? I never would have had the courage to try that on something important/expensive paper.

So, that's that. The weather is sunny-ing up here, I'm walking more so the energy levels are getting up there and I'm starting to see life beyond work. I still pop in at EDM and some crafting sites to be inspired. Lord, I LOVE the blogging world.