odds and sods

While I did sketch this 'plein air' I didn't stay long enough to splash on some colour. Learned some surprising perspective lessons this day though so this wonderful old church has value to me.
This is my sweet son. From a photo. The strange thing with this one is that in the photo he is a teen (a stage where his wonderful, generous spirit was bent full force on making me realize the limitless powers of a mother's patience) and I've transformed him into his sweet easygoing 10 yr old self. Now 29 he is both neither of these boys and more of each one.

Another oldie never posted. This was done after enjoying Karen Winters portraits with a splash of colour on the page. My DD with her nephew, our adorable grandson. The small in the corner is an overdone drawing of this same DD working hard husking corn on the back step in her soggy cloth diaper.

Incomplete. Loved learning from this but copying a painting in watercolor mag. is probably not worth finishing.

I have not done A THING in FOREVER! Why is that I wonder that business rolls into laziness and before I know it...it's been 4 FREakin' months w/o a look at this spot that I always INtend to post weekly at least. I've FELT like drawing ....OK clearly, not enough so I'll just put up the randomness that I have at some point prepped by resizing for our smaller bandwidth buddies.