More March faces

This is my birthday gift to my brother who loves his boat. I like that Calgary -where he lived for years- is on the map, as well as the waters in which he loves to cruise. In the close up you can see that the back windows look like eyes looking forward. They brought a smile to my face but I think I'll change it before I give this to my brother as he may not appreciate the cartoonish look that this gives his gift.

This enchanting young woman represents my darling daughter and she really IS a lovely person...inside and out.

A lot less than one-a-day but so much more than one-a-week. So surprising to me...from me.



Hurrah! a sunny day for beach walks with friends. for visiting elderly friends who've just moved into a Seniors Village. After the driving rain with howling winds we were treated to yesterday (first day of spring, indeed) today was certainly a treat.
The young one is important to another DD, the regal woman...my grandmother from a photo my brother had copied from a slide our dad had.



I don't know these girls yet but they are important beings in my DD's life so I've attempted these from pictures I was sent. Hopefully they are close enough to be recognized by the girls as I have added names and printed off copies to put on or in scrapbooks as we're having 'camp cousin' at the beginning of spring break and while enjoying our beach holiday/sleepover extravaganza I want the 3 (DGD included) to be drawing, colouring and pasting in their own art journals.


March: Parade of Faces

Well, well, well. Missed February entirely, did I? I'm not surprised. It is, after all, a very short window of opportunity for the posting disabled.
The winds of March should energize me (though the rain may sodden my ambition) I'll give a go to sketch (not post) each day from photos as otherwise all I'd manage is my sweetheart slouched in front of the TV.
On the left, our DGD. The interesting bit for me with this one was seeing the different sides of her gene pool as I moved a line here or shaded a contour there. Curious as I haven't really captured her to my satisfaction.
The right hand drawing is me as a toddler and yes, my ears were and are that big and I do look cross eyed in the picture but not, thank heaven, in real life. LOL


Pups and shells

A practice/thumbnail sketch for a larger piece of art I'm doing for a friend. Not certain what medium will suit a blk dog. Maybe acrylics?

I agree with Izzies assessment of my imagination sketch....chew it up and spit it out...but none the less, thoroughly enjoyed the process, so it's all good.

The shell with keys, 2nd bit to fit in with the Still Life Project http://oobos.blogspot.com/ A poor attempt at a shell but that's life, isn't it? Maybe next time.


Live and Learn

Finally, my focus for 2009. My year to learn. I'm looking to sign up for classes, imitate others sketching styles, read some books. Learn, change, grow, adapt. 2009.

The little girl is done so much better over at http://wagonized.typepad.com/ ,
the crayon (cheap wax borrowed from my GD) with w/c a very interesting learning experience, is based on a beautiful oil painting by BC artist Kathryn Amisson.

The shell sketch is my first time playing along with the Still life Project found while visiting http://oobos.blogspot.com/ (Judy Bec's site 'A drawing a day' and also allows me to participate in EDM's suggestion for last week. Not bad multi-tasking, hey?
Such fun.


president Obama

I just love how all the collage elements fell into place with my quick sketch. I love the life ring as the 'O' in hope, that all the words I found were red, white or blue, that I'd painted over 'American' with gesso thinking that it would dry clear and having to sand it off when it didn't! Along with oh-so-many here in Canada and around the world we're feeling your renewal of Hope and getting that this historic election is a fulfillment of hope for many. Not shown but the left hand page has "Yes, we can" so I feel this is quite representative of your 44th president.

needle case

Though I haven't been sketching, I have created in the past few months. My latest sewing is this needle case for Georgie's b'day. Heaven forbid I should just use a pattern and get the dingidy-dang thing done. I kept changing my mind on how this was going to come together. Does that mind changing ever take alot of time. :-) She's got it now and I think we both love it.