before supernanny and sketch time..

I'll post a few from last week.
The darling toddler whose mouth, believe it or not, is dead on (even though I overworked the eye til it was mucked up) Something about it works and it's only a sketch and when you're sketching every day, or even 4Xper wk who cares! This is so free-ing isn't it? Oh, yeah, back to my original statement. The toddler is my grandbaby, asleep while we were babysitting (which also explains the overworked eye - the light was very dim)
The window and the door done way apart in time are of my mom's childhood home which she adores and what I would like to do someday in the not too distant future is to put the entire house together in it's proper order and setting and do a watercolour perhaps with some ribbon embroydery foxgloves in the forground. Anything's possible. Right?!


How Handy; a post for EM#10

Those are some old looking hands, for sure. Dried up from honest labour but man, don't you hate seeing your mother's hands on your wrists? What's with THAT!? The really bad one is in the cutest little book I've had for ages and use now to be unobtrusive (or sneaky)It's abt 5" by 3.5"

EM challange #'s 8 &23

These are in a wonderful old psychology text with pages that take watercolour well and don't intimidate the novice. Can't remember where I read this very good advice.

Favorite hiking find.

Loading loads of sketches

I'm really trying to emulate the 'sketch a day' folks. I'm sOo glad the internet is a part of our lives. This makes my doodling so much more fun. I LOVE browsing art journal sites.


Hurrah, easy as pie to post!

Thank you blogger! I love that this is easy enough for Joe Idiot,(yeah, that would be me) to do. The posts below were made on the road in the prairies this fall. One road doodle was coloured on the computer as well as the Lethbridge Catholic church sketch on this post.

the autumn return

I've been hanging out a lot at Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters (and if I knew what I was doing I would have just been successful pasting in his url) damn, I hate that I find all of this sOo difficult. Any way. . . totally inspired by so many participants of the site I've been sketching so now I'll try posting. I forget how every single time it seems plus I'm trying something different this time. I sure hope it's easy!