Now for a quick little w/c sketch I'm using on tags to beg reception decorations (hydrangea branches everywhere, picture it) for our DD's wedding.

oh help

Night sky. It seemed so easy. Other people made it look quick and easy on their blogs. Hey guys! how do you do it? it's NOT easy! I did the original attempt sitting in comfort out on my back deck after a lovely walk. I did the darkening, or muddying inside last night then darkened the pole with pastel. Not quite the success I envisioned. But learning experiences are all good.


Happy July 1!

Dang! This SHOULD have been posted last month (yesterday) and at that it would have been 4days after the fact. It's sOo hot I'm not sure where I will walk/bike for this weeks self energized tour.

This w/c sketch was done during a 10mi/17k bike ride when I sat on a rock on the beach across the street from this lovely old place that I wish was mine. Last night sitting more than half-way up the mountain I added a little w/c pencil to darken up the garden area and provide a stronger contrast to the stone fence in the foreground.