15 min with W/C

I'm thinking post something old so that you will create something new. I wonder if that stands a chance of working for me? We'll just have to see, won't we?
It's not that I'm not doing anything creative after all. I've had some great fun decorating some shopping bags (thinking ahead for christmas) and I must say that I just LOVE them. Maybe on nights I could do the prelim. sketch for some w/c. At least if the planning was done I could find time for the splashing good fun during my limited home time.


sketch from photo


I've been attempting the preliminary sketches of our three children hoping to end up with a rather stylized version, not abstract; more interesting-yet-recognizable. I had this attempt of our baby which I thought was somewhat off kilter so thought I'd have some fun with it and try to loosen up and do some almost abstract blocks of colour. When I drew the lines through at the brow and cheekline and down throught the centre of her face, meaning to have obvious colour changes along these demarcations I decided that the face hadn't been wonky after all (aside from the fact that I'd ended up too narrow) and when I started to flow in with the strong colour I ended up tethering the brush and though I was dropping in strong colour it ended up looking rather normal. I think I may have just learned a lot about w/c! This is just in a sketchbook so I must start playing on w/c paper.
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West Coast hike


A rather gruelling 5 day hike. Well, day 3 (hell day) was horrid and day 1 was challenging. As always, when you're done the whole thing it's amazing, rewarding and all a great experience. Days 2 and 5 were easy days so I found time for a quick rendering on each of those. The skull is a seal, the resting woman a fellow hiker relaxing in the sunshine at the end of it all. The spectacular views I have not attempted but would like to one day.
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dream cabin


Here we have my dream cottage. It sits right on the beach, beside where my grandparents lived. I know it wants me to stay there. I want to stay there. One tiny room. Do you have a potty my sweet dream?

I actually painted this 8x11" sketch to make a small card as my way to ask if I can possibly rent it in the fall. Wish me luck.
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