West Coast hike


A rather gruelling 5 day hike. Well, day 3 (hell day) was horrid and day 1 was challenging. As always, when you're done the whole thing it's amazing, rewarding and all a great experience. Days 2 and 5 were easy days so I found time for a quick rendering on each of those. The skull is a seal, the resting woman a fellow hiker relaxing in the sunshine at the end of it all. The spectacular views I have not attempted but would like to one day.
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Teri C said...

I know what you mean about hiking..difficult at times but so darn rewarding. Love your little sketches and isn't it a good feeling that you did them?

Jana Bouc said...

The resting woman is a fabulous sketch--I can really sense her weight on the ground and how good she feels to be resting. I'm so impressed...a five day hike? Yikes! I did a two hour hike on Monday and I'm still sore! Good for you.

Dee said...

A five day hike!! Whoa!! You go girl. Ohmygod that would kill me. It's wonderful that you were able to do any sketching at all. And the sketch of your fellow hiker is fabulous. Great little keepsake for the adventure.