I don't know these girls yet but they are important beings in my DD's life so I've attempted these from pictures I was sent. Hopefully they are close enough to be recognized by the girls as I have added names and printed off copies to put on or in scrapbooks as we're having 'camp cousin' at the beginning of spring break and while enjoying our beach holiday/sleepover extravaganza I want the 3 (DGD included) to be drawing, colouring and pasting in their own art journals.


Kim Zoph said...

Lovely sketches. What an inspiration for the girls to be introduced to the joy of sketch journaling, too--great work!

Paula Cravens said...

seesue, I saw your comment on Jennifer Woodburns blog and was smitten with the photo of the 3 women on your about you photo. Are they your sisters. Really like the sketches.

Chris Hack said...

Wonderful sketches. Keep up the good work.