Me & Molasses

'As slow as..' is of course, the reference here. It's no bloody wonder I rarely post it is such a arduous proceedure for me no matter how easy the site moderators/creators make the damn things.
OK Susan, deep breath.
I'll start with the angry looking self-portraits and admit that the conte version is accurate in it's sullen look. After 29 years of marriage you'd think a guy would know "I'd like to spend my last hr before eye surgury in the book stores" means exactly that! Drag me away from the books and knitting patterns to sit outside the golf store, why dear God?

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Teri C said...

I laughed when I read the comment about the husband...I HEAR YOU!! Must be a male gene.

Good luck on the surgery.

PS, The more you post the easier it gets.

Love your sketches!