EDM challenge #41

This is the old catholic church in our town now known as the Old Church Theatre as it's thankfully found new life with a reporatorie company.
The ivy has taken over in the most charming fashion and I've always meant to draw it and now I have at least managed this quick sketch.

I was hoping to convey the evening sun highlighting the roof line but surprisingly I'm not finding this experience to be too discouraging (well, except while I'm applying the w/c). It's fun, I'm learning by watching my EDM mentors and by DOING!

I've just noticed how crookedly I've scanned this. C'est la vie.


Marie-Dom said...

This is beautiful.

Teri C said...

It's beautiful Sue, crooked or not (I have done the same thing many times). You have really captured the oldness of the church.

Virginia Wieringa said...

Very nice image. I feel the sense of place. I like your variety of approaches on your site. I appreciate you kind comments on mine!