Back in time to Christmas

It's clear I haven't posted in a long while so let's just start with a few of the Advent gifts our amazing DD's dreamt up. Their very creative and thoughtful and YIKES expensive gift to their dad &me(OK, mostly me - can I help it that I'm easier to shop for?) this year.


Renmeleon said...

ACK! You cut off the recipe on the second pic. hehehe Cloves and cinnamon, started sounding yummy! Beautiful work, thank you for sharing it.

Ria :)
from the Everyday Matters list

Lin said...

These are so delicately rendered! SO WONDERFUL!

Kathleen Marie said...

Ceylon tea??? We have a lot in common. I love my tea time at 3:00 pm every day. I just had to re-organize my tea basket (it's a huge rectangular one that sits on my breakfast counter), because it was completely out of control with boxes and tins crammed in tightly and toppling over the edges. LOL Would have made a great abstract drawing, ah... but now it is too neat. :)

Love the sketches!