Mini holiday

Since retired DH would love to be on a relaxing-in-the-tropical-sun type holiday yet married to,I-need-all-my-holidays-to-prepare-for-DD's-wedding, me, we've just returned from our first-of-many 2night getaway w/e's. Yikes, that was a little difficult to follow, wasn't it? Sorry about that. Anyway, while we were relaxing I did a quick sketch with w/c wash of a tiny sliver of our view across the bay. Luckily for me it was pouring rain so I can blame my inacuracies on the droplets I had to peer through rather than my lack of talent and quite frankly that works for me. ;-)


Arty Velarde said...

it kind of reminds me of an old fashioned journal because of the brownish ink and paper.

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL! love the feeling of it!

Marie-Dom said...

Where is this gorgeous building?? And what a beautiful drawing... realy atmospheric and I agree about the old-fashioned journal comment.

Kathleen Marie said...

I followed the analysis of your current state of travel differences perfectly well. hmmmmm... that's scarey. :)

I really like the way you did this. It looks just like it was overcast with the muted colors... rainy... lovely!