EDiM 4th and 5th

These seemed better by the softer light of last evening. Yes, even though I could see the distortions (the too small ear on the attentive one, the imbalances of the grinner with the matted hair) they WERE better by candlelight, trust me. LOL. I need to try them both again but that's ok, they're both fun sketches. Persevere.

Oh yeah. How DO I get a rich lively black again?


Alex said...

beautiful drawings =) Love the expressions!

Ann said...


whatidoisme said...

These are brilliant! I love the drips effect and the rich colours.


Christina said...

I love the way you let the paint drip like that. This is really good!!

Clive said...

Hey SeeSue, found your comment on Horse Drawing on Cumberland Lifers; you can email Pauline's contact address on the post to see if another session is being planned. If there is, I will post the info on the lifer's blog anyway. If you to life draw occasionally email me and I'll put you on the mailing list.

Nice Blog! Cheers,


Anchesa Kyamara said...

Nicely done :).