Hurrah for May

And actually completing and posting 31 quick sketches IN MAY. Unheard of for me. Nice to know that I can successfully participate in such an event. Nice to know that I CAN find the time for a sketch, even if it means a partial cheat of playing catch up on nights when life has gotten in the way, or I'm just bone weary.
Now a quick post to finish off the month and off we go boating overnight. Yippee!
Yes, of course I'll have my sketch pad along.


E-J said...

Cheating? No such thing! Well done on sketching every day in May! :)

lyn said...

Looked through your whole blog, loved the WC of your daughter, got back to the paintings in books. I recently had an idea to resurface old books with gesso to paint in (didn't work well, paper distorted, too thin.)Since I had a few books laying about and no sketchbook handy, started drawing in them,. Felt bad about ruining the book so I was glad to see yours. Nice to find your blog, thanks for the comment on mine. I'm trying to post every day in june.... missed the 3rd by minutes.
contuned success

laureline said...

Good for you for accomplishing your goal! I really enjoyed going back through your older posts and looking at all your charming sketches.

Tracey Latorelli said...

You sketch beautifully with watercolor. Thank you for commenting on my latest piece.

I have no talent w/watercolor, but I keep trying. Your work flows beautifully, and is fresh and original. I loved the paintbrust in the water sketch ! Really nice.


Sherry said...

This was my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed your Every Day in May sketches, and I look forward to seeing your future work. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Judybec said...

nice to see you doing more drawings! they are lovely.

Don McNulty said...

Wow, looks like you enjoy journalling, I enjoyed looking. As you said, creates great memories.

bubblemunch said...

Beautiful page. Love the lily.
Your landscape sketches are great too