Every Day in May

One down..30 to go.
The book I've chosen for the Every Day in May fun is a LARGE folding book of poor quality paper my DD picked up in Japan for me. It's actually taking the colour better than I thought and it is great for collage and I love the size and the accordian thing it's got going on. Joy was certain that I would never use it just add it to my collection but I think it's going to be perfect and hopefully it'll be chock-a-block full come May 31'08.

Totally unrelated subjects. Will this theme continue? AHhh, a mystery for May.


Anita Davies said...

Great use of your sketchbook

Anonymous said...

Mom, I love the Namaste one!!!
It is beautiful and I would love to think of somewhere to use it!
What I don't love is all your negative self blog talk! Tsk tsk!

What you are trying to say is I WILL post on my blog two times per week all month. Right?? That's what I thought.

Love you! Keep on blogging! I will be holding you accountable for your blogging as you hold me accountable for mine. Do you have dates that you will be posting so it's not as general as twice a week??

I have chosen Monday as my blog day, if I don't post every Monday you can get on me about it!

Let me know your dates so I can write them in my bug you book:)

Sandy said...

Beautiful first pages, and your lettering is exquisite!

Linda Kay said...

That is just to cool I love the May sketching with the car flower and sleeping prince!
Think I'll start this today myself and see what happens...
Linda Kay