month 4, posting 4

Alright! That's the LAST time that I'm going to have my posts match evenly with the month we're in. For my version of 'Every Day in May' I'm going to CREATE each day and POST 2x per week.
"Sure you will Susan ,you under ambitious under achiever you..."
You people think that I can't hear you? Well, now you know

Anyway lets post a sketch or two here to celebrate the monthly post.
'Namaste' was done in response to Anita's postcard swap. Such fun. The coloured one is, of course the actual postcard while the other was my first attempt and though a better sketch was just a wee bit too big. Too exciting to have contact with such an amazingly talented and accomplished artist as Anita. http://artbyanita.blogspot.com
The Raven carving was a wonderfully relaxing family get-away to celebrate our dear daddy's 80th b'day.
The paintbrushes I'm putting up here now so that I won't be tempted to cheat and tell you all that I drew them 'one day in May'. LOL


Frankye said...

I like the lightness of your work. Good color! The raven painting caused me to pause there for a long time. I think your every day in May idea of being suprised by each day is excellent. That is exactly what i would do...in fact, I just might do it! I'm glad you're part of our group.

artsyfran said...

I especially like the brush in water. Very nicely done! Can't wait to see what you come up with this month!

Sharon said...

The paintbrush in water is so fresh. And I love the Namaste sketch. (I think I saw it first on Anita's blog...)

Anetka said...

i love the paintbrush in water - wc from the picture!!! and the rest i love too!!!
wow!! great work:)

Margaret Ann said...

Your work has such life and vigor...love the Namaste postcard...and the brush is just simply amazing...what a joy to find you....I will return...and...thanks for visiting me! :)