March: Parade of Faces

Well, well, well. Missed February entirely, did I? I'm not surprised. It is, after all, a very short window of opportunity for the posting disabled.
The winds of March should energize me (though the rain may sodden my ambition) I'll give a go to sketch (not post) each day from photos as otherwise all I'd manage is my sweetheart slouched in front of the TV.
On the left, our DGD. The interesting bit for me with this one was seeing the different sides of her gene pool as I moved a line here or shaded a contour there. Curious as I haven't really captured her to my satisfaction.
The right hand drawing is me as a toddler and yes, my ears were and are that big and I do look cross eyed in the picture but not, thank heaven, in real life. LOL


Gemma Mortlock said...

Ooooh this is really good, especially the one looking over the shoulder, you're very talented at capturing that fleeting look on someones face. I find portraits extremely hard, mine all tend to come out looking cartoon, im very envious of your talents.

Anonymous said...

These sketches look so fresh, really catching the moment! Good work!

Beth Baxter said...

Lovely portraits!

Anonymous said...

I see such personality in your sketches---very good!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Lovely faces - i particularly like the one of your grandmother.