Lazy days...LOve 'em!

Oh for heavens sake! I have been trying for far too long to line up the pics the way I want them to be but oh no! that just will not be happening here folks.

Back from the dead yet again. Oh but what a lovely cocooning time I've had of it! I just finished 3 days off in which I did nothing that would necessitate removing my flannel pj's for (shudder) day clothes. Oh yes, the sheer luxury of extending that morning feeling of endless possibility! Stranding myself on Wingback Recliner Island with only my coffee, 2 knit projects, my laptop and a few current books for company.

Notably no sketchbook made it onto the island with me. Reached for one once (there were starling feasting on berries right outside my window) but then they were gone. Oh well! Such laziness, such utter lack of guilt.

At any rate, the pics we do have. Knitting project: hat pattern shown on dolly, actually wanted adult size so it has been ripped and recreated, I won't show the other as it's a christmas goodie.

Sketches: sheer crap I know but all I have to remember our short time away this month.

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Lindsay said...

Sue, thanks for your kind words. Just had a lovely visit here. This knitted doll hat is ADORABLE! I love your watercolors.